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Wulfman's CDT Race


* A point-to-point 14K race on the new Continental Divide Trail  (CDT) between Homestake Pass and Pipestone Pass in Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. The race is run from Homestake to Pipestone in even years and in reverse direction in odd years. You may consider this trail gentle if you are used to the rugged back woods. See trail photos taken at each kilometer. The trail provides good footing in most places, and the correct path is clearly marked for the race. You may also find the Wulfman's tips useful for running this route.


* Here is what was said about Wulfman's inaugural 2008 CDT-14K, plus 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 too!


* The trail is too narrow for a mass start, so seeded time-trial starting/timing format is used, with starting assignments beginning at 8 a.m, (9 a.m. in odd numbered years) and with runners starting every 10 seconds, thereafter. Your race number will coincide with your assigned start time. For example, if you have the race number "8:12:30," your running time will start rolling at precisely 30 seconds after 8:12 a.m, whether or not you are physically in the starting chute at that time.


* Under normal late June conditions, the route takes about an hour to race swiftly like the deer, and it takes about 3 hours to walk briskly at the porcupine's pace.


* Bussing is provided to take runners to the start area in odd numbered years, and during even numbered years the busses bring runners back from the finish line.


* There is an aid station on the course, but you may want to carry more of your own food, beverages, first aid, etc.


* There will be a "sweeper" who walks or rides the course far behind the last participant to help ensure that all participants make it from start to finish.


* Post Race Picnic & Awards Ceremony (Save your bib number!!)

          * Picnic beginning ~11 a.m. at Homestake Lodge. Awards Ceremony at noon.


          * Free entry to the post-race feast for any runner who returns her/his race bib number (and pins). Beat that deal! Extra picnic tickets for your "posse" of family and friends will not be sold this year. Your posse is welcome to join the post race activities and picnic, but we would appreciate an appropriate donation (~$5) for anyone enjoying the picnic fare..


          * Complimentary carnivorous & vegetarian picnic fare with free microbrew and other beverages will be provided.


          * Homestake Lodge will provide a wedding tent for shelter at the feast, and they have chairs too.


* Prizes & Awards (~noon, and you must attend the awards ceremony to receive any and all prizes, awards or drawings.)

          * Awards announced as soon as results are tabulated and verified. Preliminary results are normally posted

               at the post-race picnic before the first runners arrive there. We have the capability to email results directly

               from the finish line to the ceremony!


          * Random prize drawings.


          * Unique prizes and recognition for overall, 40+ age-graded, & age groups, including $600 total in finish time bonuses,

              compliments of Butte Pathology, for the first finisher in the overall and age-graded divisions.


          * The person who most accurately predicts his/her finish time will also be rewarded.


          * Lottery prize for one of Wulfman's Club members -- those who have finished all of Wulfman's CDT-14K races.


* Online registration at runsignup.com (click icon in upper right border).

          * A special gift to the first 50 early registrants.


          * Registration limited to the first 240 entrants.


          * 10 additional Golden VIP charity registration slots are also open.


* See Results & Records from previous years' races.


* $100 Art contest for race memento.

Golden VIP Registration





Art Contest

Km Pics