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Wulfman's CDT-14K

Saturday, 21 June 2014


2014 Race Results


Every continent except Antarctica has a continental divide. In North America the divide runs from northwestern Canada along the crest of the Rocky Mountains to Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental, and it is generally the line that divides the flow of water between the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.

In 1968 a federal plan for the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT) was mandated, and today, construction of the CDT is estimated to be 70% complete.

The 14 Butte-iful kilometers along the CDT between Montana's Homestake and Pipestone passes in Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest are completed, and that section offers scenic vistas with majestic rock formations.  This race along that route celebrates the trail and the memory of one of its greatest local proponents -- the late John "the Wulfman" Wulf, who was the God Father of Butte's Piss & Moan Runners. The race is run on Summer Solstice Saturday, the anniversary of the Wulfman's last group run.

Race proceeds are used to help build and improve trails in southwest Montana.

We Piss & Moan Runners promise our best in creating a race experience that is challenging, memorable and fun for runners of all ages and abilities!!


2014 Start Times are now available. All pre race emails are available below.


Pre-Race Informational Emails:

Greetings trail runners!

We, Butte's Piss & Moan Runners, once again thank you for registering to run the 7th Annual Wulfman's 14 km, Continental Divide Trail race on Saturday, the 21st of June! You will be receiving 4-5 detailed emails this year with everything you'll need to know for the event. Here are some early reminders we would like to share?

If you are registered and find you will NOT be able to attend the race, remember to cancel by midnight on June 15th to receive a 50% credit.  Please follow the instructions below even if you know of someone to take your spot. You CANNOT use someone else's assigned bib number. Please use the instructions listed below to do so as each runner will be required to show proof of identification to receive his or her own bib on race morning. You CAN give or sell the credit code to another runner to use for this year's event or next year's.

To cancel your registration and receive partial credit:
1) Log in to your user account at imAthlete.com.
2) Click the "My Registrations" drop-down list on the imAthlete page menu bar and then select "Edit Registrations."
3) Locate and click your "Manage Registration" link just below the hyperlink for Wulfman's race.
4) Click the "Go" button next to the "Cancel registration for partial credit" option.
5) Read the terms of cancellations, and after affirming your agreement with those terms, click the "Submit" button.

-       If you have found that you may have over/underestimated your predicted finish time, you have the option within the same directions listed above to modify your predicted time as well.  Predicting accurately is important for your placement in the lineup as well as your chances to win one of the great prizes for being the most accurate.  Just click the "Go" button next to "Change current registration details".

-       As the race gets closer, you will receive an email regarding your starting time. This year's race will run from even-numbered-year route: South along the Continental Divide Trail from Homestake Pass to Pipestone Pass. That means, you will start near the parking lot then be bussed back from the finish line.  The 250 runners will start in 10 second increments between 0800 and 0845.

-       We will hold the annual picnic and awards ceremony at the Homestake Lodge which is approximately 3 miles from the starting line/parking lot. Please attend even if you are not planning to receive an award as the top finishers for each gender and age group will be awarded along with 15 door prizes to participants randomly drawn. Plus, there will be a delicious lunch served along with local brew!

-       Direction to parking, the starting line, and the lodge will follow in future emails.

-       You can check the Wulfman's Facebook page for weather and terrain updates. Supportive trail shoes with adequate gripping ability are advised.

-       There will be Port-a-Potty's at the start and finish lines. This year there will be a water station at the summit (8.5 km) and first aid personnel stationed at 6.6 and 10.5 kilometers into the race.


Some information regarding parking, directions, the trail, and honey buckets is provided below.

Think car-pool! To find Wulfman's race site, exit Interstate Highway 90 at its highest elevation point between Butte and Whitehall at Homestake Pass, Exit #233, and then follow the signs and the directions of our volunteer parking attendants to designated parking NORTH of I-90. There, you will find posted starting times. You must bring your photo ID (or equivalent) to get your race number/bib and shirts which will also be handed out at this time.

Do not park near an I-90 entrance or exit at any time.  Our relationship with the highway department depends on your cooperation.  We use the south side of I-90 near the starting line for emergency vehicles and busses.  Please cross to the north side of I-90 to park.  We will have parking attendants pointing you the right direction."

Please do not park a private car at the finish area on Pipestone Pass.  There is limited off-highway parking.  Busses and emergency vehicles need to be able to navigate the corners of this narrow road without obstruction.  If you find it necessary to have a vehicle at the finish, please park in the obvious parking area below the pass.   

Outhouses: As previously reported, Wulfman owned his own miniature "honey bucket" toilet, and he rarely traveled far without it, but we don't expect you to match his high standard. There will be porta-john's at the start in addition to the one permanent USFS outhouse in Homestake's northern parking lot at the finish.  Remember that our Golden VIPs may cut directly to the front of the bathroom lines. Homestake Lodge will also be equipped with porta-john's for the post-race picnic.

We would also like to take this opportunity to begin thanking a few of our sponsors. This event would not be possible without the help of fine, local folks such as those at Fuel Fitness, The Hennessey Market, The Whitehall Ambulance, Butte Pathology, and Dr. Randy Shannon. Their generosity, along with that of numerous others is greatly appreciated-thank you all!


Below, you will find useful information for race day.

Registration closes at midnight on Tuesday June 17th; this includes changes to your current registration. Be prepared to show a photo ID in order to receive your race number as your number may not be used by a different runner.  In typical race fashion, your number should be visibly fastened to your clothing with the tear tag left unfastened for the finish line crew.  They will remove the tag immediately after you finish.  Please turn in your number and pins at the post-race picnic at Homestake Lodge.

 We will have a gear truck near the start where you can drop the items you want available to you at the finish. 


Wulfman's CDT-14K uses a time-trial format to help avoid crowding and bumping on the narrow trail. Each of you will be seeded with a starting time based on your self-predicted finish time and prior results. "Hares" go off first with "porcupines" following in order to minimize the need for passing.

Your race number will double as your starting time. The first runner to start will have the number "8:00" and that "hare" will set off at exactly 8 a.m. Another runner will start every 10 seconds thereafter.  If your number reads "8:18:40" it means that your race time will start ticking at exactly 18 minutes and 40 seconds after 8 a.m.  The clock will run whether or not you are physically in the starting chute. If you miss your start time, you may start as soon as you can safely access the trail without disrupting other starters.  We will not attempt to correct times for late starters. 

240 runners will be on the trail within 40 minutes, which means the process moves quickly.  You will be instructed to line up in order by race numbers.   You should be near the start, with eyes and ears wide open as your start time approaches.  You go from "in the hole" to "on deck" to "at bat" all within 20 seconds. A list of start times will be available a few days prior to the race.   The same lists will be posted on the bulletin board in Homestake's NORTH parking lot on race morning, and will be available at the packet pick up.

At the starting line you will be cued by a display clock that will be counting off the time of day, and at the same moment when your start time shows on the clock, your official start signal will be produced by an automated device that beeps and flashes green.  Pay attention to the runners starting before you so that you understand what you should do and when you should do it. 


If seeding has placed you ahead of someone who is ready to pass you, please use good judgment and courtesy to let him or her safely by. If you choose to listen to a personal music device while touring through the CDT's tranquility, then please keep one ear free and be alert for runners needing to pass.  If you find you need to pass a runner and they have not moved aside, call out on which side you are passing and move through.


Follow the CDT 800 m from the finish line to Pipestone Pass where busses will be waiting to transport you back to the parking lot at Homestake Pass.  Your gear bag (don't forget to retrieve it!) and refreshments will be available at Pipestone Pass, as well as a porta-potty.

Again, this event would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors. We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to these local businesses: Montana Orthopedics, Town Pump, Homestake Lodge, Backcountry Horsemen, Jocelyn Dodge and the US Forest Service, Discovery Ski Area, The Quarry Brewery, Montana Tech Bookstore, and Tap'er Light Coffee Roasters.  Their support is endlessly appreciated!


Below you will find useful information regarding trail etiquette, runner accountability, and on-course assistance.

Our Forest Service ranger district asks us to remind runners that trail etiquette requires you to yield to horseback riders. The trail is not closed to other users during our event, so you may encounter other users on the race course. If you meet horseback riders, you must stop and move off the trail to the downhill side of the trail, in order to not scare the horse or cause potential safety issues.

Although the Wulfman was rarely seen without his faithful four-legged companions, he would have secured his pooches away from the runners at an event like this. Please do the same with your dogs. Dogs are not allowed in this race.

Be safe and accountable if you do not finish the race. No matter which end of the trail you exit, you must check in your race number with a race official so that we know that you made it out. Otherwise we will notice that you are missing, and we will form a search party to look for you.

Please do not venture away from the trail. The trail follows a relatively uncomplicated route over nice single-track with only a few minor branches, and your way will be clearly marked, but it is still possible to get lost or injured. You may also need assistance on the course. The aid station will be equipped with water, minor first aid, and a cell phone.

There will be additional first aid providers floating to places where they are most likely needed. They will be able to contact an ambulance service if necessary. There will be "sweepers" riding the trail on horseback a half hour or more after the last race participant goes off, and they will offer assistance if needed.

In the days before this trail existed, the playful Wulfman explained to his "followers" how to successfully navigate the long version of the route, then he secretly veered onto a shorter route. Once at the top, Wulfman rested and waited to surprise his faster companions. The Wulfman could be sneaky, but you can’t. You will not be listed in results if you are witnessed leaving the course and gaining an advantage over your fellow runners.

It is okay to leave the trail if an obstacle forces you, and please do so in whatever way is safe.

Your way will be marked, but should you find that you have mistakenly left the trail, you must return to the point that you got off course before proceeding. To do otherwise is absolute grounds for disqualification, and we know from experience that this type of DQ is unpleasant for all involved.

Again, this event would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors. We would like to take this opportunity continue showing gratitude towards more fine local businesses such as Wagner Nursery and Landscaping, Butte Sunrise Kiwanis, Bob's Bike Repair, Triple Ring Productions, Headframe Spirits, Jade, Marathon Machine Works, MT. Broom and Brush, St. James Hospital, Triple Ring Logo, and Water and Environmental Technologies. Their support is endlessly appreciated!


Below, you will find useful information regarding the post-race picnic directions and awards ceremony.

Wulfman's CDT-14K trail race will be followed immediately by a picnic, prize drawings, and awards ceremony that you will not want to miss. It all happens at Homestake Lodge, beginning as runners arrive from ~11 a.m. until ~1:30 p.m.

Car-pooling is strongly encouraged for the 3 mile drive to Homestake Lodge. Chris & Mandy Axelson who own and operate the Lodge support Wulfman’s race by allowing us to host our picnic in their beautiful facility. Most of their parking for a crowd our size is at road-side, so the fewer cars there the better.

Directions: Drive the gravel road that is parallel to this year's starting line (FS 240/Rader Creek) SE from Homestake Pass until you see signs, cars, and a road to your right that leads to the Lodge. Golden VIP's will enjoy premium parking in front of the Lodge.

Homestake Lodge's new wooden pavilion will provide shade for seating and eating. Picnic fare will be served from the lodge. Please bring your race number for us to track picnic attendance.

Preliminary race results will be posted ~11 a.m at the picnic, about the same time that runners begin to arrive. The timing crew will compile the results and send from the finish line, over the mountains, to Homestake Lodge. The awards ceremony will start at noon with awards and random prizes given out as you feast on complimentary picnic fare. You must be present at the awards ceremony to win any prize or award. Because of the great response we've had from local business, we've nearly tripled the raffle prizes this year!

We do allow double or even triple “dipping” for awards. For example, if a 50 year old man won the race outright, he would be awarded the first place prize for men in the overall, 40-50 year age group, and possibly also the age-adjusted category.

Again, this event would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors. We would like to take this opportunity to continue showing gratitude towards more fine local businesses such as Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, Butte Acupuncture, Tessi Preston Massage of Jade Salon, Starbucks Coffee of Butte, Dancing Rainbow, and the Anaconda Country Club. Their support is endlessly appreciated.




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