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Maude S Canyon Trail now connects to the Continental Divide.


The old Milwaukee Road trestle that straddles high above Roosevelt Drive is new again following a $224,000 rehab project. Now, hikers and bikers can safely navigate the historic structure, which connects the Thompson Park trail system to the Continental Divide Trail, southeast of Butte.


Lost Creek Trail


Sawtooth Lake Hike


Drive a little to Beaver Ck. road to bike, hike


Trail tactics: building Buttes single tracks with a double track excavator.


New section of Silver Bow Creek Greenway Trail opens between Silver Bow and Ramsay.


Discover German Gulch Trail


Trail addition under construction for Uptown Butte Copperway Trail System


Montana's highest point lies at 3900 meters atop Granite Peak. Ever wonder what the ascent record is for running there?


Nicole Hunt wins 10th Vets' Day Race.


Butte's Piss & Moan Runners hosted the Montana Cup cross country meet at Grant-Kohrs Ranch in Deer Lodge on 2 November 2013


Piss & Moaner Ozzie Rosenleaf transforms into Ironman with sub-13-hour finish in CDA.


Wulfman's CDT-14K Results and race report by the Muddy Buzzard


Piss & Moaner Matt Choquette profiled on ButteSports.com before Boston Marathon


Big Butte Challenge Results


Ananconda's AOH St. Pat's Race featured tailwind


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